Elvis Riboldi

He wouldn't hurt a fly. In this series, no fly will be hurt

He's about 12 years old, spontaneous, energetic, restless and adventurous. He's kind of redhead and very expressive: big mouth, big teeth, big eyes. Not particularly tall or fat, he only stands out because of his big head.

He's always in trouble, not because he goes looking for it but because trouble finds him. In fact, he always has good intentions but his overzealous approach to live usually create the chaos around him. According to some people, nothing ever happened in the town of Icaria until Elvis was born. However, we can confirm that he's a good boy. A bit lively, perhaps, but a good boy.

In school he gets distracted and bored, he can't help it. He's not stupid; in fact, he's intelligent in his own way, but inattentive and unpredictable. His mind works much faster as his mouth so he's usually jumping from one topic to the next one without thinking much deeper, being lost in thought and surprising people around him.

Boris Nusrat

Elvis' best friend

Boris Nusrat is Elvis's best friend and the same age. His parents run a grocery where they sell the best samosas in Icaria. It's not that theirs are particularly fresh, but no one else in Icaria sells samosas. 

Boris is a compulsive reader of scientific, educational and historical books and he's also a big fan of Bollywood musicals. He's highly gifted and an expert in almost everything. However, the best thing about Boris is that, despite all the pranks Elvis has played on him - he breaks his glasses quite often - he's never stopped loving him. While Elvis uses his heart not his head, Boris uses his head not his heart: they complement each other. Boris is rational, analytic, likes creating concrete, detailed plans and calculating the exact probabilities of success of any idea that comes from Elvis' mind. But, at the end, Boris always puts friendship ahead of logic and he's swept along the crazy situations Elvis provokes.

Emma Foster

The female touch

Emma Foster shares a desk with Elvis since first day of school. So she's maybe the person that best know him, apart of his fathers. She's very patient with Elvis, even though he's been eating her pencils for years. They don't know yet, but they kind of like each other. 

Emma gets very good marks, she's neat and hardworking, and when she grows up she wants to be a lawyer. Emma has an extreme sense of justice and of sexual equality. So she's really pragmatic, and does not hesitate to tell the truth to her friends whenever necessary. So in fact she will be the one stating that Elvis' idea are a total craziness and warning Boris not to be included - without avail. So she will get involved, too, maybe with a reckon expression, but in fact she's a noble child and you can always count on her.

Elvis likes her because she smells like vanilla. She's a pretty, flirty girl whose main physical characteristic is his large, blonde hair. However, she's a bit of an outsider: apart from Boris and Elvis, she really loves her dog Pigtails. She lives at home with her two mothers.