2021 January

"Jo, Elvis Riboldi" in Super3 in Catalan!

The Catalan public broadcaster TVC has started the release of the series in their children channel Super3, as well as on demand service through their app and website.  

TVC also confirms the participation at Elvis Riboldi Season 2!


2020 November

"Minä, Elvis Riboldi" in YLE2 in Finland!

The Finnish public broadcaster has released the series through their channel YLE2 as well as their online on-demand platform Areena. Moreover, it is also available in Swedish in the same channel and the platform Arenan. 

Click: (Finnish)

Click: (Swedish)

2020 September

"Moi, Elvis" starts broadcasting in Canal+ France!

The French cable operator starts broadcasting the series through Canal+ Family and TéléToon in September! Don't miss it! And if you did, replay on demand at My Canal.


2020 July

"I, Elvis Riboldi" Season 2 gets comissioned by RTVE

The Spanish public broadcaster RTVE has released the 7 animation series selected for coproduction in 2020. Among them, season 2 of our flagship project "I, Elvis Riboldi" for a new round of 52 episodes. Production is not expected to start until 2022.


2020 June

"I, Elvis Riboldi" releases at Cartoon Network!

The comedy series "I Elvis Riboldi" is on air in Cartoon Network Turkey and Africa feeds since May, while Turner Latin America broadcasts the first half season starting in June. 


2019 May

The program Info-K from TVC visits our production!

The children news program Info-K from Catalan broadcaster Super3 has shown a small piece on how we are producing 'I Elvis Riboldi'.

Click: (Catalan)

2019 April

We talk about Catalan animation at Diari Ara

The Catalan newspaper issues a report on the status of Catalan animation during current MIPTV 2019 edition. Iván Agenjo, producer at Peekaboo, is featured, and so is Elvis Riboldi!


2019 January

New website available!! 

Keep you posted!